Colorado Section Honors Veteran While Receiving 2018 Herb Graffis Award


On Thursday, November 8, the Colorado Section was awarded the Herb Graffis Award. What a proud day for the Colorado PGA and Colorado PGA REACH when all of our efforts were showcased in front of the entire leadership of the PGA of America. At the conclusion of his acceptance speech, Honorary President Ty Thompson, in partnership with the Military Warriors Support Foundation, presented the keys to a Mortgage Free Home to Retired Army Specialist David Beck and his wife Heidi!!!


(Click the photo to watch the video.)


"Golf saved my life. It took me from wanting to take all my trazodone and never waking up to finding meaning in the sport and something to live for."
Cory Myers, U.S. Military Veteran

"The PGA portion of FLAME was the most memorable experience I had during that week. I had never picked up a golf club before and never really thought it would be a sport I would enjoy since I am a woman of color and didn't grow up seeing much representation. I think being able to physically get out there and learn the basics of golf is what made it so great. I'd really like to thank you all for the experience!"
Ashanti Ellis -- FLAME 2016