Our Impact

The Colorado PGA REACH Foundation is seeking to create and develop committed supporters who believe in the game of golf and what it can accomplish. We are looking for people who believe in the power of the game of golf and its ability to teach our young people values that are timeless. People who believe in a game that can help family and friends build relationships that can last a lifetime. People who believe in the power of the game that assists our nation's heroes in rehabilitation from the complications they received while serving our country. And people who believe the game of golf is a game for all.


If you are as passionate about the game of golf as we and our partners are, please join us in our mission by becoming a partner of Colorado PGA REACH.

Real Life Stories

Mike Roby Story – April, 2017

Mike Roby is a Retired SSG of the US Arm who spent twenty years in active duty.  Mike attended the PGA HOPE program in 2015, while he already enjoyed the game of golf, he began considering golf as his post military career while working with the team at Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club in the HOPE program. Mike has enrolled in the PGA Apprentice Program and is currently working as a B8 Assistant Professional at Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club. His passion for the game, along with the attention to detail that a career with Special Forces developed have made Mike Roby a great young Golf Professional.


Chaplain Story – April, 2017

During the 2016 HOPE Graduation, a soft spoken soldier shared his story with a CPGA staff member.  He began; "I'm an Army Chaplain, people come to me for support and for help.  Let me tell you why I'm here, and why I need help.  I totaled my car last week, I've had trouble adjusting since I got back from deployment, my wife is leaving me and taking the kids, my life feels like its falling apart around me.  But I found something through PGA HOPE.  Here, on the golf course, I find peace.  I find comfort.  I find friends.  PGA HOPE is saving my life."

2017 Annual Report

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Mission Matters Monthly Newsletter

These two words - Mission Matters - have been the guiding principle used in all that the Colorado PGA REACH Foundation has done and plans to do in the future. Our mission -- Making a positive difference in the lives of others through the game of golf -- resonates throughout our foundation. Year after year, we see PGA Members and industry associations step forward to become a part of and share this mission in communities across our state. Each month, we will share a story of one of our PGA Members with you. Enjoy!


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July 2018 - Wow! What a Month Its Been for the Foundation!

June 2018 - More Than $50,000 Raised for Colorado PGA REACH Foundation

May 2018 - Inspire Greatness Women's Leadership Summit

April 2018 - Salute To The Military by Pillar Award Grant Winner Hebinck

March 2018 - New Mission Matters Newsletter Highlights Colorado PGA REACH Foundation


The Colorado PGA REACH Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Larkspur, CO.  The Colorado PGA REACH Foundation’s Federal Tax ID number is 84-1354185.


2016 Colorado PGA REACH Foundation Expenses by Pillar.

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Each of the three pillars of Colorado PGA's REACH program touch the lives of many in our communities. An accounting of these impressions follows.


Supporting Our Military

PGA HOPE – Ft Carson Chapter

10 Cadre, Therapists and Support Team Members

40 Physically Wounded Warriors

1 Graduation Ceremony

2 Sessions

20 Cognitive Wounded Warriors

10 Wounded Warrior Project Students


Donating a Mortgage-Free Home to a Combat Wounded Veteran

1   Home Donated in 2017

2   Homes To Be Donated in 2018


PGA HOPE – Denver Chapter

6   PGA Members and Apprentices Involved in planning and instruction

2 Sessions

35 VA Patients

1 Graduation Ceremony

5 Family, Therapists and Support Team Members


Youth Development

Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado

894 Members

5,800 Tournament Starts

110 Events

4 Major Championships


Golf in Schools Program

60,000 students have gone through the Colorado PGA Golf in Schools Program

10,035 kids impacted through the GIS Golf in program in 2017

59% from diverse ethnic backgrounds

48% Boys - 52% Girls

65 Schools Impacted

60% of Kids made it to a golf course in conjunction with the program


PGA Junior League Golf

1,500 PGA Junior League Golfers (20% increase from ‘16 to ‘17)

132 Teams (23% increase from ‘16 to ‘17)

76 PGA Professionals (189% increase from ‘15 to ‘16)


Drive, Chip & Putt Championship

1,088 registered Participants at six sites throughout Colorado in 2017

8 local qualifiers will be held in the Colorado Section in 2018

2 sub-regional qualifiers will be held in the Colorado Section in 2018


Diversity and Inclusion

$25,500 in Growth of the Game Grants awarded in 2017

30 students participated in USOC FLAME

$35,000 in Colorado PGA REACH Scholarships awarded in 2017